More than just another venture capital firm

Founded in 2017, PAPA OSCAR is one of the leading incubators of fashion and lifestyle brands in Europe. Not only do we provide our portfolio companies with financial support, but also strategic and operational support as well as access to an international network. To build successful and sustainable fashion or lifestyle companies, it's imperative to have the right mix of marketing tools, sustainable organizational building, operational support and streamlined processes. That's why we've developed a new venture capital approach: combining capital and operational excellence while providing our companies exclusive access to our team of experts in marketing, sales, business and product strategy, product development and communications.

What we look for

We invest in people and not in products.

You, your team and your ambitions are our highest priority. A great product and a new innovation is little without a passionate, focused and persistent entrepreneur. That's why we invest in people and not in products.

Our successful 6-pillar approach

We have developed a new venture capital approach combining capital and active operational support.


Financing of goods

For many companies, the pre-financing of goods is a major burden due to lack of liquidity. Especially if the...

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Supply Chain

For retail companies, it is especially important to optimize the services and service costs related to the supply chain....

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A broad network contributes enormously to the success of the young company.   Thanks to many years of industry...

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The optimal planning of business models, structures, processes and competencies is of great importance for the achievement of strategic...

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Through our broad network, we pave the way for further corporate financing and expansion of our investments.   We...

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When we exit from one of our investments, we always look for a win-win situationin order toensure the continued...

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