Christian Ogait

CEO, Founder

Christian founded the company in 2017 and currently leads the strategic purchase of new investments. Over the past 10...


Hartmut Retzlaff

Advisory Board Chairman, Investor

As one of the best-known German business personalities, Hartmut headed the fortunes of Stada AG for over twenty years...


Peter Brenner

Advisory Board, Investor

Peter Brenner is the Managing Director of the international investment company STINSON. As CEO of Schramm Holding, Peter Brenner...


Dr. Wolfgang Brunn

Advisory Board, Investor

As a former board member, Dr. Brunn worked in the mechanical engineering group MAN AG in various management positionsfrom...


Kotaiba Alibrahim

E-Commerce Trainee

As part of our initiative for young refugees from Frankfurt, Kotaiba is learning the profession of a merchant for...


Sahar Amin

Venture Capital Analyst

As a venture capital analyst, Sahar is responsible for the strategic expansion of the venture portfolio. Sahar holds two...


Daniel Herold

Portfolio Analyst

Daniel analyzes and coordinates the analysis of our potential investments. As an interface between the Portfolio Management and the...


Sophie Holl

PR & Communications Manager

After studying media and communication sciences at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Sophie started her career as a PR manager...


Christoph Klippert

Head of Business Operations

As Head of Business Operations, Christoph is responsible for the analysis, implementation and optimization of internal business processes as...


Andre Prautzsch

Retail, Investor

As one of the most successful retail entrepreneurs in eastern Germany, Andre supports our brands in stationary development. Andre...


Timo Schulze

Portfolio Manager

After a semester abroad at Michigan State University and a bachelor’s degree in innovation and marketing, Timo was responsible...


Frederico Vogt

Head of Marketing

After training as an industrial clerk and then studying online communication at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Frederico was...


Torsten Widarzik

Brand Developer, Investor

As a former LEVI’s Germany Managing Director, Torsten coordinated the strategy of the holding company and its holdings. His...



Chief Barking Officer

After training at the dog school in Frankfurt, Achilles became bored spending his days in the garden and joined...


Laura Fabris

Apprenticeship in E-Commerce

After completing her A levels, Laura does an apprenticeship for e-commerce. Here, she goes through all the relevant departments...